About the blog

About the blog


Thanks for stopping by my blog. As a self-professed coolia, I’m interested in (re)defining cool with readers. My posts fall into five themes. These themes mean something to me and I love dishing on the topics. Most often, I will ask for your thoughts in order to start a conversation. It’s a standing invitation; I welcome you to join me and bring along a friend or two!

Marketing: Working as a professional in the industry

Growing up, I always knew what I wanted to be, less the one year I aspired to be a movie ticket seller. I consider myself wildly blessed to work in a profession I love, I care about and get excited by. As the field digitally expands, I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. A banner marketing day occurs when I can dabble in content marketing and social media, mixed with a little digital strategy. I honestly dig this stuff and dig sharing ideas on my blog.

Inclusion: Demonstrating value

As an embracer of difference, I choose to live my life seeking and seizing beauty in what’s unfamiliar and ‘unlike’ me. I’m inspired and intrigued by Other, however it is defined in whatever context. My ardent advocacy for inclusion has blessed me with a publication, entitled A Space for Gray. It’s something I enjoy fostering in thought and talk. In this space, lifelong lessons can be learned.

Leadership: Paving the way

I’ve held positions that have gifted me with leadership opportunities. And I will tell you this, I have a new appreciation for this skill! I like working on it – and at it. I especially enjoy learning from others. As a result, I’m an avid reader of thought leadership on the topic which inspires me to blog. Of course your own applied experiences add great value as well.

Cool Travel: Learning from cultural difference

As a cultural nomad, I choose the journey over the destination. When we travel, particularly abroad, the steps and moments weave a tapestry. Cultural and lifestyle differences can take you outside of your comfort zone and bring forward amazing new perspectives. Keep your eyes wide open and go with the unknown. It’s there you will find the surprising beauty of the journey. 

Cool Living: Seizing moments 

To be in the moment is a gift; to own those moments is a greater gift. When that a-ha spontaneity occurs, I like to share stories and enjoy hearing about your stories as well.