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About cooldeb

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Welcome to the cooldeb blog!

As an award-winning marketing strategist, I’ve been fortunate to work in a variety of industries including healthcare, higher education, manufacturing and agency services. Across these diverse business settings, I’ve collaborated with executive leaders on strategic planning and led creative teams to align marketing initiatives. In 2018, I ventured out to launch my own marketing-based business, CD Consulting.

I’m an ardent advocate for the value for difference to elevate thought and talk. Commonalities not needed; open minds for new knowledge and learning are welcomed. I’m passionate about diversity and inclusion and look forward to a few new opporunities I have percolating on this topic with partners.

I’m an eager learner about what defines good leadership. As a voracious reader of leadership blogs and books, I’m only beginning to understand the integrity of unselfish, brave and trustworthy leadership qualities. Servant leadership piques my interest the most.

Lastly, I love getting out my comfort zone by taking cultural treks and living a coolia life. We learn a lot about  ourselves in these moments. And I’m continuously learning!


I love meeting and connecting with people for new projects, creative collaboration and sharing creative insight: Twitter     LinkedIn     AboutMe    Instagram     Google+     Facebook